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Originally Posted by BeeKeeps View Post
Just an update, my vet's attempt at making my cat more comfortable wasn't really answering my questions as to what was really going on with her. They were pursuing answers, but nothing was settled upon and I've been directed to see a specialist to find out what's really going on. Infection was ruled out due to the fact that she hasn't been running a fever and the wobbly legs has been persistent.

I've been directed to the nearest University specialists, which is about an hour away, for an MRI. My vet says all signs may be pointing to a cyst or cancer, perhaps in the spinal area. My questions was, how is it cancer when it's something that happened overnight? But she said the stress or an injury could trigger it.

She has gained back a pound in the past month, but still feels too thin. Around her back hip area seems sallow or sunken inward, but that could be the weight loss. She's always had a long back that dipped a bit as well.

I'm at a loss. It seems like my option is to get an MRI to find out what's really going on or see if a steroid will make her more comfortable and hope that it's just something that will fix itself. I don't care to just sit by and guess. Any idea how much a cat MRI costs or thoughts about what may be wrong?

My daughter has a rescue cat and he was not able to move his hind legs , he had to drag his body around. The vet could not find out what trigger his. The only everyone could think of that the cat had to had an old injury no one knew about. He did get better , I do not remember the meds the cat had to take but he got better and so far been OK . We think the cat may had jumped off his cat tree and landed the wrong way.
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