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Originally Posted by BeeKeeps View Post
They did xrays, blood work, and everything looked fine.
Was the thyroid hormone level tested? Often listed as T4 or Thyroxine.

Did you get a copy of the bloodwork?

Originally Posted by BeeKeeps View Post
The vet said it looked like she may have overextended her joints, maybe trying to jump too high.
She doesn't seem to be in pain even after multiple physical examinations.
Were the joints out of place at all?
Does it seem to come & go like the joints have popped in & out?

Originally Posted by BeeKeeps View Post
I've noticed that she is strangely curious about the new caulking that was put in my bathroom last week and has been licking it.
Please ensure she no longer has access to the bathroom with new caulking, who knows what kind of harmful chemicals are in that stuff.

Sometimes when cats start licking things they shouldn't (concrete, litter etc) it's a sign of anaemia or a calcium imbalance, could also be a weird liking to the taste .

As for nutrition at this point I'd be inclined to feed whatever she will eat to ensure she doesn't lose any more weight, however a higher quality protein based wet food will be the best option.
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