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Originally Posted by xcaer View Post
I'm REALLY not interested in feeding raw, so I'm just looking for something I can add to his current food. I'm following just a vet recommended dosage for the flax, so I don't really want to cut it back too much as his stool IS much more satisfactory than it was before, but I mean, he was on a junk brand food before and he NEVER had these issues.

Other than the glands though, this dog is fairly healthy and exhibiting no symptoms.
He's happy, get's a good amount of exercise, no allergies, nothing.
He is slightly overweight, but only by a couple pounds and we're remedying that currently, but even when he had his first anal gland problem, he NEVER scooted,NEVER licked/Chewed at it, never seemed uncomfortable at all. He just stunk really bad.

Can I buy bone somewhere that's already ground?
My kid never scooted, licked or anything before either, he learned how to take care of it now but when it happened the first time it was like out of nowhere... one time at the Drs office he got scared and next thing we know fear turned into fishy smell

I dont know if you can buy ground bone, you could buy the bones and ground your self maybe? But not sure it would be good to add it into a dry food... do you feed kibble? you could try just giving him chicken or turkey necks. Omega oil suplement is also good to add a few times a week into a diet.

One thing to keep in mind too is that if you smell them once in a while it means they are working. Not often though...
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