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DD, Kongs might be good for other breeds but for cattle dogs, not so good. This breed they call a power chewer and they can wear their teeth down badly during a lifetime of Kong chewing. Might be good for entertaining dogs ocassionally if you fill them with treats and freeze them. I have reared Roo with big beef shin bones. Not cut lengthways by the Butcher but into 3 crossways so he has a choice, chew the meat off or spend hours licking the marrowbone out. Or, as I sometimes hear, hurling it around his pen. LOL. If you have to step through this pen your pup is in, cemegaga, try dropping some titbits in front of it before you do. And if you have to hold it and say "No!" a thousand times to stop it, then do exactly that. One day the penny will drop. I am having a huge battle teaching Roo not to hurl himself up against me, it's repeat, repeat, repeat. He probably thinks his name is "Get down!" by now.
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