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LOL. That's a heeler for you. Many ACD pups do not heel people, but if you get one that does, look out! I had one that would start heeling me when I was hanging washing out. It was a bit like when dogs get the zoomies, but she'd zoom in, nip, and by the time I could look for her she was crouched down , ready for the next attack. Her half brother heeled his owner right around the show ring, which had the judge and everyone else laughing. Siblings to my girl went into working homes and were excellent on sheep, beef and dairy cattle. Mine settled down once she finished teething and did not go on heeling me, so don't despair, cemegaga, if you are patient and consistent with your pup's training, it'll all work out OK I'm sure. When it is old enough, if you can get it along to Obedience classes that will help.
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