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Aww! I'm so touched there's so many people that answered! I tried another forum once and I got maybe one reply per post! This is quite refreshing!

Chupie's about 3 or 4. He's as far as I know past the age where spraying starts, and I haven't had even the hint of a problem. The only thing that's happened since he came to live with us is that he peed at my moms house on her rug, and that was also the first time he has stayed at my moms AND the first time he'd been around the smell of catnip (moms idea, personally he's energetic enough without it).

Here's a picture (I hope it works)

I think he's just awesome!

Alright, I'm going to post these topics in the appropriate places. Thank you all again for the plethora of in depth answers!
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