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Welcome MSwitch!~

Can you tell us how old your kitty is? it sounds like typical kitten behaviour with the feet biting! you can try to redirect the kitty with a toy, or even a quick ouch! sometimes teaches them that what they are doing isnt acceptable...As for toys cats are pretty easy to make happy. You could pick up one of those mice on the end of a stick at the dollar stores or even make one yourself. I used to use tin foil balls and my 2 cats would go insane batting them around and playing. You could use these toys to try and tucker your kitty out, this may help with the attacks!

You can contact your local SPCA and see if they have a low cost spay or neuter clinic. Alot of them have these services based on income. There is a low cost one in Newmarket you can find info here:

If you choose to go through a vet males are MUCH cheaper than females and neutering is quite easy on the male cats.

I am sure others will be along with more info but for now I hope this helps.

Would love to see a picture of your precious kitty!!

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