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1. DIY cat toys - I'm not sure if there is a specific thread for DIY cat toys, but basically anything can become a cat toy, a crumpled up ball of tinfoil or paper, a long string or piece of frayed rope attached to a stick or not, an empty Kleenex box with holes punched in the sides. The plastic rings off pop bottles. Anything small and light enough to be batted around with holes to stick paws through.

2. If you can keep a crumpled up ball of paper and spot Chupie coming before he attacks, try throwing it before he attacks and send him chasing after that.

3. How old is Chupie? Is he a completely indoor cat? If he spends all his time indoors, vaccines aren't as urgent (except for rabies which is required by law). The main reason for neutering male cats (aside from population control) is the territory marking that starts as they mature, somewhere between 6 months and a year old. Spraying urine on things to mark it as theirs is a behavior that starts to occur as males mature and want to protect their territory from other males. Once started it can be very hard to stop. That is why people try to neuter male cats before this behavior starts.
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