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*waves* Hi internet, I thought I would introduce myself to you.

I am a new cat owner, which I find strange because I have always been a dog person and by some strange happenstance I wound up with a permanent fluffy resident in my apartment that did not bark. That being said, Chupie (short for Chupacabra) has not just found his way into my home but also the hearts of me and my parter. He is very friendly and affectionate, and will not leave me alone. He follows me room from room, sleeps with me, head buts me and flops for me. He even comes when he's called! I seriously never met such an awesome affectionate cat.

Anyway, a bit about my situation. Chupie was adopted from a friend, who was running from an abusive relationship and asked me to rescue her cat because her ex was hurting him. So I took him in, and after a while she decided it would be better if he stayed with me. Unfortunately I haven't heard from her since, but I have a feeling she's not dead so that's good.

My boyfriend and I don't have a lot of money. He is on disability, and I should have been a long time ago but am instead draining my school funds to stay off the streets. This raises a lot of issues because we don't have money for vet bills and Chupie needs his shots. Which brings me to the first point that I wanted to ask about. Is there a DIY cat/pet toy thread anywhere, and if not where would I start one?

The second question I wanted to ask is where would be best for me to ask about behavioural issues and training a cat out of them, for example attacking my legs and feet whenever he wants attention (I'm talking run and jump kamikaze ninja dive bomb attacks while I'm cooking or (the worst) pouring tea)

And, third and lastly, I have a serious debate question about neutering, because not only does Chupie still have his junk fully intact, but I also don't have the funds to change that and wouldn't mind knowing exactly how high on my priority list I should put this.

So yeah, that's me, my cat, and my situation in a nut shell... enough of an introduction for ya?
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