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Catahoula puppy mix & parvovirus

Hello. I'm a newbie and not sure if this is the best spot for my inquiry. Did anyone in the Vancouver area buy a Catahould mix puppy, DOB Mar 10/13 that come down with Parvovirus? There were 13 pups in the litter.

My boy Shamus came down with Parvo 4 days after I got him. Shamus was vaccinated, however, it takes about 2 weeks to build up sufficient antibodies to fully protect the pup from the virus. This particular breeder may have knowingly sold me a puppy that had a good probability of getting sick with parvo. Shamus nearly died. He spent a few days in hospital on an IV drip and anitibiotics and I paid out $1300 in vet bills.

By chance, I met a young woman in a local dog park yesterday who asked me about Shamus because of his distinct markings. Turns out this lady's friend bought a pup from the same litter and this pup also came down with parvo. The breeder was notified, but did not take subsequent phone calls. The lady told me that this breeding was "illegal" - not sure what she meant - and the breeder had been black listed with the SPCA. I gave her my email and asked her to pass it on the the pups owners so I could get more info. I'm hoping to hear from them.

If the breeder had been notified of the parvo puppy prior to selling a pup to me she should have done the right thing. She should have waited until the pup was fully protected from the virus before selling it. At the very least, I should have been informed that a pup (there may have been more) contacted parvo.

There are a few other circumstances - which I won't list here - which make me strongly suspect that this breeder deliberately deceive me and tried to cover her tracks.

The breeders vet and the SPCA will not give out any info re Privacy Act and I will have to pursue legal means to have this information released. I though I would start here to see if others have had issues with this breeder whom I will call Cassandra.
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