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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Longblades, yes, the Australian Cattle Dog was called a Heeler because they were bred to heel cattle, and they are quite good at heeling people if you don't stop them. Roo, at 8 months is biting and mouthing hands every chance he gets, he's the wildest pup we've had. You really need ways of distracting them when they are babies, soft toys, empty water bottles, balls etc.. Keep your hands out of harm's way.
also goldfield what I use for him are mostly biting toys, little squishy chicken that makes sounds when gripped (sorry but didnt know how to say it), another toy like that, a little purple hipo tht does the same. And he also took over a towel I used during his first day to play tug of war. Other than that I just use balls for him to run after since the cute little guy just wont get tired.

The first thing he does when I bring him out is go for my ankle so should I just ignore him from that moment or stay playing with him??
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