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Marko, the kitties will be glad when July is over!

Growler, I normally have a few sticks floating in the water for the bee's too. Nikki likes to pull those out though. So sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not.

Hazel, yes the bee's need water and fresh running water is a favourite. There are always bee's at the fountain. I had a neighbour (he moved recently and since passed away) who used to come to tell me daily how many bee's were at his bird bath. At first he was afraid to put water in it, but I explained how they need water so he started filling it again. Last night somebody was swimming in the dogs water dish out in the back yard (and it wasn't Nikki).

Thank you Jull, I love Nikki's markings too. He has such an expressive face.

Barkingdog, they love drinking from the bottle too. I let them have their own bottle every now and then so they can do it. I actually like that they will do that because if we go for a walk it's easy to carry a couple bottles of water with us. Halo won't drink from the bottle at all.
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