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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Okay, not too spectacular really, but did get a pic of the pups drinking from the hose while I was watering the other night. They love to drink from it and chase it while I'm spraying.

Also got a pic of the bee's who congregate on the water fountain in the front yard. They sit on the edge to drink, so I always worry about the dogs drinking there (a favourite for Nikki). So far no stings. The bee's sit on the edge, they drown if they get deep into the water.
The bees are really pretty , I have not seen so many together in a long time. The yellowjackets do that with the water I put out for the birds. It'srunny how dogs like to drink running water. I was trying to pour some water from a bottle into Marty's bowl and he wanted to drink the water right from the bottle. I would not had mind but I wanted some water too from the same bottle.
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