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Blue Heeler biting

I recently adopted a cute little blue heeler that is about 8-9 weeks old. Since the begining he has been biting at me and others that have visited him and much of the time I tried to distract him by playing but the problem has grown in the last couple of days. He has begun to bite me even more and growls at me some times.

I asked a local trainer about this and he told me that as he was young it was good to start training him to not bite as for his breed it could become a problem in the future. He showed me that I should hit him lightly on the nose for it to bother him as it bothers me when he bites. As bad as I feel about it I have tried it a couple of times and he has bited me even harder. I also try to distract him and tell him "no" In a loud voice and give him a push on the side. Recently he has started to growl at me and even bark so I fear I have not taken the right aproach.

He is my first puppy in a long time and cant really recall having the same problem with my chihuahua or my schnauzer (not sure if written right) so can someone please help me get him to stop biting?

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