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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
I don't know if you want to try anymore meds, but if you run out of options (I did) and don't know what else to do you can try Floxetine. I tried amytriptlene and had no luck, then went to Floxetine. At first there was no improvement, but we lowered the dose as a last resort, and its been almost three months with no spraying.
I will definitely look into this. I am desperate. He's "My Boy", I've had him for 12 years and he is a mama's boy He just does not like any kind of change, even moving familiar items gets him going.

Anyone know of a way to get cats to relax with change? You'd think he's be used to all the moving and changes, but no. Maybe there is a behavioral change I can implement to help him with changes.

Again any advice is good advice
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