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[QUOTE=Goldfields;1059689]Jull, I used to sleep Dundee and Gemma together and Dundee did seem a bit lost at first. Now I've put 3 boys together, Matthew , Toby and Dundee and he seems happy with their company. When Jarrah comes in season I will need to separate the boys but we're used to that. They get a bit short tempered with each other at such times. I never pair Bo up with another dog seeing he wasn't reared here and has had fights with Dundee. He also is the most likely to want to trounce Roo. LOL.
You're right, Longblades, doesn't matter how many years fly by, you don't forget the dogs you've had, do you?[/QUOTE]

Yes, they are always with us. I find the board helps keep memories alive too. This thread of Jull's
just brought Whisper back to me in living, breathing colour and with scratch and sniff effects.
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