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Do you know of any changes that occurred prior to the "stop spraying"?

I know when we moved and Tigger became an indoor cat, whenever he saw another cat he started to spray and has continued ever since. I was hoping when he got outside he would stop the inside spraying but no luck.

We've had a lot of changes over the past year, moved, outdoors again, stray moved in, stray moved out, lost 2 cats and gained 2 kittens. Perhaps things will calm down, but in the mean time what to do?

Akira just started this year and I expect it's due to all the cat changes, she has a hard time with some of the older ones.

Is there anything I can do to make them get along better? I think if they were more tolerant of each other the spraying would minimize.

I've also started some natural medicines for the arthritic cats as I know that makes them crabby.

I also found a calming treat, anyone have any experience with homeopathic foods for calming cats?

I know it's a tough one, since cats are so sensitive to change and these guys have gone through a lot of changes. One good thing I work from home so I'm here all the time, maybe I'm the stressor
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