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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Thanks for the kind words everyone. You are a very special group of friends, dog lovers to the core who can feel for a dog half a world away, and have empathy with its owner. Sad times that we all unfortunately have to get through in our turn. A District Nurse who was here yesterday is grieving still for a beautiful Border Collie she lost maybe 2 years ago. I will try to be positive. It was a delight to own a pretty little girl like Gemma. Lindapalm is right in the she did make us laugh a lot, and so many nice memories. Losing Gemma makes me think I need to cherish every day I have with the remaining shelties, 2 of which are now 12 years old, and two are 10.
They do have a very special place in our hearts don't they? I have lost my fare share of people and pets... and I think with pets it tends to be a bit harder because they are around for a shorter time, and it literally feels like loosing a child, how are the other dogs doing? are they missing her lots?
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