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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Thanks for the kind words everyone. You are a very special group of friends, dog lovers to the core who can feel for a dog half a world away, and have empathy with its owner. Sad times that we all unfortunately have to get through in our turn. A District Nurse who was here yesterday is grieving still for a beautiful Border Collie she lost maybe 2 years ago. I will try to be positive. It was a delight to own a pretty little girl like Gemma. Lindapalm is right in the she did make us laugh a lot, and so many nice memories. Losing Gemma makes me think I need to cherish every day I have with the remaining shelties, 2 of which are now 12 years old, and two are 10.
I had people come up to me when I had my Standard Poodle and they would tell me stories about their Poodles they had growing up and how much they still miss their dog. Our pets really know how to work their way into our hearts forever.
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