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It's a Spray Athon and I'm losing the Battle

Hi Again

I have 2 cats that are spraying the house. 1 Male (Tigger) and 1 female (Akira).

The male is 12 years old, neutered and started spraying around 2006, our first move. He was not too bad. Went from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. The next move he got worse with the spraying to the point where I put him on Clomicalm, which seemed to help. This last move it's back to being bad again even with the clomicalm. He is back to being an outdoor cat and I was really hoping this would help..nada.

I've tried Feliway and calming collars with no luck. It's undoubtedly stress/territory related behavior issue, so how do I change the behavior?

The female Akira, I only just caught her about 2 weeks ago. Blaming Tig for all the spraying but she has been contributing to the problem. Of course she has to spray over Tig and I spray with Natures Miracle over them both, but I'm losing the battle.

Akira is almost 3, Spayed and has had only 1 move. She originally was an indoor cat but is now indoor/outdoor. I don't know how long she has been spraying, but I expect it's been months. I have seen her spraying outside and as I said only recently caught her spraying inside.

Is it territorial with Females? or some other behavior problem? She also is a nervous cat, so it might be spraying so she has a familiar/safe place to be?

Anyway I'm looking for behavior changing options. How to make them feel safe or less territorial, if that's an option.

Any assistance is appreciated, as this has gotten out of control to the point of ruining not only furniture but hardwood floors
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