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I was interested in zoo work as well. In the SIAST program you need to do 2 practicums, one small animal and one large animal or 'other'. Since I have no interest in livestock I decided to look into zoos. The reply I got back from the Calgary Zoo was an honest one. They don't take tech students for practicums since there is a Veterinary school there and they give priority to those students. They also included a bit of a disclaimer, I guess we could call it. Zoo positions are highly desired and once a position has been filled it usually doesn't open up again until that person retires or, god forbid, dies. So it is extremely competitive to get said position. The Tech program here doesn't have any emphasis on exotics; we covered Avian and Reptile anatomy and physiology, and that's it. But my diploma and subsequent registration as a vet tech allows me to work in clinics that deals with exotic medicine.
There is an exotics only clinic in Calgary that I will be doing my practicum in and I can use that experience to open the doors to many careers working with exotic animals.

There are so many amazing things that you can do as a Vet Tech! I wish you all the luck in your studies! It's an incredible experience!
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