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Vale for our darling Gemma.

Parkwyn Gold N Gem, known to you all as Gemma. 15/3/'00 - 15/7/'13

Why are you crying,
I am not there.
Look not for me by the favorite chair,
I am not there.
See me not at the bed's foot,
Nor at the door's step,
I am not there.
Do not look to the earth's cold hand,
It could not hold me,
I am not there.
Look to the midnight star, a comet's flash,
Racing shadows in the field, sun lights
Dance on water's edge.
Hear me, the rustle of the grass,
Pine bough sigh, the beat of bird's wings,
The rain's quiet tattoo.
Feel me in your heart, for it is there I cannot leave.
Wait for my loving kiss, my paw's soft touch
At Rainbow Bridge.
I will meet you there, and we shall dance again,

Author unknown
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