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Johnny,I do watch Animal-Planet and sometimes Pet-Patrol,the sad part is that most pit-bulls caught,are dogs trained to fight and most are kept in basements,by people who have them for one sole reason,to make love and care for the dogs is not on their agenda.
I've also seen how they are all tested to see if they would be adoptable and many made it,but an agressive unhappy pit-Bull who knows nothing of love or care is not going to make it,he'll be put down.
But it's people who make them that way,I don't think any dog is born nasty.
Most dog-bites of all breeds come from the cute little Cocker-Spaniel,of course they won't kill you...
A Pit-Bull would probably not be my choice either,but not because they are not cute,Lucky did say at one time,they don't always get along with other dogs or cats and that would be a problem to me.
In a town-house across the street from me,lives 4 young men,they have 3 pit-bulls and one beautiful choclate Dobi and they used to have a kitten whom they neglected and who got killed by a car.
As for the show Pet-Patrol I am impressed by the powers the officers have,unlike Humane Society here in Canada.
Phew,that got to be looong!
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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