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NOrthern college has the most appealing vet tech program in Canada because it takes an extra year and specializes in exotics and wildlife. Would be a dream if something ilke that was available here but it is not I think it is one of a kind available online. I think if you are willing to move to the right location you might be able to do your practice at a more exotic location to get a wide variety of experience? That is what i was hoping for instead of just getting experience in a vet clinic. Because my long term goal would be to work with wildlife. But Vet techs and vet assistants seem to be the biggest thing that every wildlife agency or zoo looks for when hiring for animal care and help.

More in depth scientific stuff I think is given to zoologists who have to take a lot more heavy science and math.

I would rather have a vet tech program than a vet assistant now that I did more research but fall is close and everything that was close to me is full thats why i was hoping america would which i just applied to now.
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