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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
We also had that complication in a dog after neutering. The cold compresses help, but when the swelling hadn't gone down after a reaasonable amount of time, the vet withdrew some of the fluid with a needle (and, as horrible as that sounds, Cole never even flinched when it was done ). After that, it resolved over the next few weeks and there was no long-term damage.

How is Brady healing otherwise? Did the incision hold after he licked it or did they have to re-suture?

Congrats on the new addition, btw, and welcome to the board!

He is healing well right now it's just still about the size of a golf ball. They didn't say anything about restitching him so I don't believe they needed too. I'm just so worried he will need surgery and he is already so timid with people and the vets office I don't want to scare him more.
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