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He does have a high white blood cell count.

Right now we are giving an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory (with cortisone) that is also a bit of an appetite enhancer. My vet does not recommend an actual appetite stimulant as it plays with the brain functions and his brain is already affected by whatever the illness is.

The vet as ruled out every common illness, we are still a bit in the dark, but it's becoming clear that it's some sort of infection of the nervous system.

The assist feeding goes relatively well, he is not too impressed with us but isn't refusing to be fed. Today he even gave up and just started licking food off my fingers. Growled at us when he was done, it means after 24 hours he already has more energy!

He still doesn't drink much, but shows no signs of dehydration.

He sleeps next to me in the bedroom and walks (slowly and wavily) all the way to his litter box. He still walks around regardless of his hind legs dragging a bit. We are making it it as safe as possible for him but we don't want to move things around for his convenience yet, as he always was a stressed cat that doesn't take changes well. We will readjust if need be.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
If he's fighting an infection, he would have abnormal white blood cell counts.

Antibiotics can cause a cat to become nauseous and not eat which is not what you want at this point. Especially to just throw in meds that may not be doing any good. How about an appetite stimulant?
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