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Exclamation Post neuter complications- scrotal hematoma

My new family addition (Brady) is around 8 months old, we believe, the pound we found him at had no idea his age. We took him to get neutered on Wednesday July 10th later that night he snuck off and ripped off his cone lickig out all of his stitches giving himself a "suspected" scrotal hematoma. We rushed him to an emergency vet who had us wait 4 hours to be seen. They gave him an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory as well as pain medication, they also highly recommended a cold compress twice a day. He has started to become more like himself and playful but is still very tender and swollen on one side. Any ideas on how to get the swelling down or to make sure he is healing properly. His vet would like to avoid putting him through another surgery since he is a very traumatized rescue.
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