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Unhappy Dog shot in lower jaw

Hi im new here.

I also found this site searching for answers online. I do jot know how to thread
And all that but I'm hoping someone will see this and offer my family their advice. Our families beloved Aussie was shot in the jaw Monday. It was horrific And tge whole family saw it. Her tongue is mostly gone and vet said all bone in the jaw is gone as well as teeth except on the left side but it's broken in five places. The vet can't tell us much except euthanasia should be considered. He can only put her in a muzzle for 6-8 weeks and maybe it will fuse enough to support itself but doesn't know for sure. We had hoPed she would be able to lap up soft food and water but now with a lot of her tongue missing we just don't know. We don't want to give up on our baby but hate to put her through this if the outcome isn't going to be livable for her. We have a 3 year old daughter who is very attached to her fuzzy sister. And feeding tubes won't really be an option as our daughter won't understand and be able to handle that sort of thing. The dr said her odds of this working are not in her favor, they are about 40-50. Please help does anyone know enough about this type of injury???

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