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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
I was buying Mountain Dog Food from a guy in Kingston..they also have cat formulas. If you go to the Mountain Dog Food website, I'm pretty sure he's still on there. I think of all the commercially made foods their's is pretty reasonable in price and they sell in larger quantities than the ones you can get at petstores. You can likely get a few samples to try as well.

I would check with Greenlees for stuff from the butchers.
Thanks again for the local information. I'll check out those places. Found the addresses for them.

Still having eating issues with Rosie and especially my boy Tigger. He's down to 8.8 pounds, down at least a pound over a couple of months. He'll eat 6 bites of food and walk away. He's too bony, even Peanut, the runt of everyone is in better condition then he is. I'm at my wits end with him. Everyone has lost weight, except Callie, who is a stress eater and "the boys" who are bottomless pits, they are up to 5 pounds) the summer plays a factor in some weight loss.

Any suggestions on how to get my boy to eat more? Im trying not to stress around him as that stresses him out. And Rosie's dropped down to 11.2lbs and her breath stinks, even though she has teeth like a 3 year old...she's 13.

I now leave food out at night, mostly the wet that was not eaten during the day. I know Rosie likes to eat at night, she's a nibbler. All the food is gone by morning, unfortunately I don't know who eats what. Should I stop free feeding at night?

It's sooo frustrating
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