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[QUOTE=yorgo67;1059293]Opiate based? That can't be too healthy. Now I'm not so sure I want to go that route, especially since I asked the vet about it earlier today and he said it was much more expensive than the Metacam option.

Hi just an experience with the buprenorphine I'd like to pass on.
We had a cat Nasha who had very bad arthritis, to the point of barely getting out of bed. We originally had her on steroids, which I think all they did was put weight on. We moved provinces and our new vet suggested buprenorphine, yes it's very pricy but the difference was amazing. She was up and moving around, a lot more interested in life and actually had a great summer last year, outside basking in the sun and "hunting" bugs...she was 18 and had been on deaths door for about 5 years. The buprenorphine gave her a better quality of life for 6 months than the steroids did for many years. You can always give it a try for a month and see how your kitty does.
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