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Originally Posted by goldilockks View Post
My cat is going throught the exact same thing ( eating litter, walls etc.) lost balance and is now almost paralyzed in the front legs, can you please tell me what happened with your cat?
Hi goldilocks and welcome to the forum.

I believe that you are probably frantically searching for an answer to a so-far-undiagnosed issue with your kitty.....

Please read carefully what I'm going to say........

First of all, the answer to what happened to Remy21's cat is found within this thread.....a more careful read would have revealed it to you...I'm NOT criticizing YOU, though.....I've been in the same position as you, and, more than once. From those experiences, I would say to you that it's very dangerous to draw any conclusions from other cats' outcomes. Now, read that again: "from conclusions from other...outcomes".

So, you should not draw any conclusions about your cat's health from what may/may not have happened to another person's cat.

What could be helpful and beneficial is pinpointing and listing your cat's specific symptoms - and
  1. pursuing each for potential causations
  1. looking for "clusters" among that list which could be indicative of a disease/condition

Sometimes there are clues from other cases which may help - most other times, similar symptoms are purely coincidental.

So, if you want, we could engage with you - NOT to play 'amateur Vet' - but to help you consider possible issues which you could then bring forward to the people treating your cat.

Do you want to first tell us your cat's story (age, breed, medical history, first symptoms of the current problem, treatment to date)?

That would be a good starting point.

Just as a there a Vet University/teaching school where you are? Can you find out where your Vets are trained?
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