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Water consumption down - could it be because of meds?

So this is my first post and I'm hoping I can get some advice.

My dog hasn't been well for a while now, he's a 7 year old chocolate lab. He's been on Synthroid 0.088mg 2xday for about a 14 months. We switched brands a couple months ago after a few increases on the other brand. He's also on potassium bromide 500mg (4mls) for about 6 months. Up until 2 days ago he drank so much water all the time (huge amounts). Now 3 days ago I had him at the vet for a rash and diareah and the vet put him on cephalexin, he gets 1250mg 2xday and metronidazole he gets 750mg 2xday. Now he's still eating fine but hardly touching his water I am wondering if one if these medications could be making him less thirsty? Is this something I should worry about? He is still drinking a little but I have no idea how much a dog actually needs, and if he could damage anything by not drinking enough. I have read up on these new medications and all I could find is side effects saying increased water consumption. If anyone has any input I would really appreciate it!
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