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Originally Posted by yorgo67 View Post
Opiate based? That can't be too healthy.
It's actually much better tolerated in cats than NSAIDS like Metacam.

But yes, it is also more expensive. Although so is treating renal failure.

Originally Posted by yorgo67 View Post
Now I'm not so sure I want to go that route, especially since I asked the vet about it earlier today and he said it was much more expensive than the Metacam option.
Acupuncture might really be a good choice then.

Originally Posted by yorgo67 View Post
Is there a brand of canned cat food that I could start feeding Samson with and also not have his crystals return in the process?
Anything with good quality meat (no by-products), no fish, and minimal to no grains. The reason he probably had crystals in the first place was due to a kibble diet, so merely switching over to wet food should do the trick (as per Dr. Pierson's article linked to above).

Originally Posted by yorgo67 View Post
I've been doing some reading about switching from dry to canned and eventually raw. This might be a daunting task for my old guy.
You never know till you try.
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