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I think what LB meant by regular vet schedule its just a normal annual check up, not a frequent visit. An annual wellness exam is not necessarily to try and find things wrong with your pet and charge you for things you don't need; but to have a Dr that knows your pet, its history and keep an up to date file, in case there was ever an emergency all the information would be up to date and the doctors would know how to proceed, say if you were at an emergency clinic or something.

I currently have my dogs under a Homeopathic Vet, and I pay $95 for their annual wellness appointment, does it hurt my wallet, yeah a little bit, but it is important for me to have these exams and to keep a good relationship with my doctor. Not just because I go see her means that she will vaccinate my kids, in fact she knows that my dog has had reactions to vaccines and being so small (5lb) its a big risk, something the old vet never discussed with us.

I am not in favour of vaccines, and I feel so happy when I find Drs that recognize that so many are not necessary, in keeping a good relationship with my vet, if any situation ever arises where my dog an me are being questioned on his "up to date vaccines" I know that she will vouch for me as to why he doesn't.

Now, even your vet may not be a specialist that doesn't mean he/she can't help, they could do the check up and find out what it is with out you having to go see an ophthalmologist, unless you really want to and spend the extra money. Or they could say yes you need to go see one. Just because it is not a specialist vet, it doesn't mean they cannot help too, just as there are not so good vets there are also really good ones.
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