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When I say "unfortunately" I mean you are out of luck. A Vet is not going to give you a referral to a specialist professional with whom they may have a working relationship on your say so that it's needed. They have to see the animal. You've saved all your money by not Vetting for all those years, now it's time to ante up for the sake of your dog and pay a measely $70 for the office fee. It's "unfortunate" the Vet clinic you went to last year demands another visit but it's not out of the norm. Some require a visit for every year's heartworm Rx. Mine doesn't. It's just unfortunate for you, don't let it be unfortunate for your dog as well.

ETA: I see that you somehow have the idea that regular/annual Vet visits entail nothing more than vaccinations. I have a dog and three cats. At this year's annual no one was vaccinated for anything. My cats are too old, I don't vaccinate my dog for anything other than rabies and it wasn't due. I got senior blood panels done. A wellness check. A weight check so we can continue to give the correct dose of one med. to one cat. A check on all for lumps and bumps, palpation of innards, check of eyes, ears, teeth, faecal float to check for worms, blood draw pre heart worm dosing. It's much more than vaccinations.
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