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Hi, all.

Thanks a lot for your comments.

However, unfortunately, I am not sure that anyone can positively 100% be certain that regular (annual) vaccinations is a good thing.

That's what vets want you to believe, because that's how they make so much money. They would vaccinate you to death on a daily basis if they could to make a profit.

You write "Unfortunately if you have not kept up a regular schedule of some sort with your Vet".

Let me ask you a few questions if you dont mind:

1 - Why "Unfortunately"? I have seen many dogs owners who payed thousands to vets for services or drugs they didnt need, and their dogs have been over-vaccinated and are very sick.

2 - What do you mean by a "regular schedule of some sort"? People are used to use word automatically without any meaning. Please elaborate in details. Because I am totally confused. What does it mean, go to a vet every day? and pay for every visit? twice a week, once a month? And to do what? One a year, for what? If a dog feels fine, why would you go to a vet every week / month / year? Vet doesnt do anything except of external visual examination (basically just looking at your dog) for $70-80 or whatever.

Seriously, I dont get it. I went to a vet for that purpose. But she did do anything and didnt say anything except of some trivial general phrases from internet.

3 - "they are required to do an exam" - again, not sure I understand - what could they possible say without fecal samples, blood work etc, which cost much extra. regarding a "general" exam I have already noted before.

4 - "It's illegal for a Vet to prescribe or advise on an animal they haven't seen." Well she has seen my dog last year. So, now it's ok? But she is not an ophthalmologist and she didnt do any blood work, any urine/fecal analysis or anything like that... So how can she make a referral to an ophtalmologist, if she basically doesnt know anything about my dog, except his name, and weight? Not sure I understand this practice.

Regarding the certificates, they all have wall full of certificates

5 - "Unfortunately I think you need the regular Vet appt."
Again, I think you are just passing a vet's message
Why? What for? What do you mean by "regular". The dog is 10+ years old in good health. How did he survive without a vet for 10+ years? And to do what? As I explained before the vet just looks at the dog, sometimes touches him. I can do that.

6 - "Some specialists require a referral from the animal's regular Vet just to protect their valuable time "
Sorry, but what "valuable time" ?? They any NOT doing it for free, you know. Whey charge damn big money for that. It's not а charity service.

I am pretty sure people just say that without putting definitive detailed explanation for words. They just repeat what vets tell them in their brochures. But we all know what motivates the vets.

Please let me know if I am mistaken. I have been thru vets, that shamelessly cheated, tried to sell us BS drugs and services absolutely not needed and even dangerous.
Therefore, I have no trust in these privately owned profit hungry businesses, that really don't care at all about your pets, but they are very good actors, I agree.
Keeping in mind the links to articles I posted above. Or you can google about the subject yourself.

I am very skeptic about the subject when profit-hungry drug companies and vets are trying to make business by 'frightening' dog owners into frequent / regular visits and inoculating their pets more often than necessary.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Can anyone please elaborate - a visit to a vet, let's say $70 cost - what exactly must it include, in details. What do you pay this money for, what does your vet do, exactly, except of just talking?

In my case, I need a referral to an eye specialist - so, we go to a vet we registered with at this moment, we come in, she writes a referral, we come out, it takes 5 minutes lets say, and we have to pay $70? I dont understand it. We dont get any other service for that money? The vets avoid answering these questions.

Just trying to get into the details and understand how this business work.

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