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Thanks sugarcatmom! Wow, you've given me a number of items to consider and in all honesty, I will be probably going this route.

With respect to his crystal issue which hasn't resurfaced by the way, should I get him a canned version of metabolic? I would love to be able to switch him from dry to canned but I feel like he might protest. He is kind of set in his ways. For instance, he feels he can wake me up at 4:30 am and meow his way to a snack. I would like to avoid this very late night/early morning demands so that I can sleep too!

The human food that he was being fed was anything from plain chicken (which I feel is fine) to canned tuna (which I don't think is good or bad) to other stuff like cucumber, ice cream, carrots, etc., etc. He does get to have salmon from time to time and only a little bit, about an inch long.

His vet told me that he can consume 1-1 1/4 cups of dry metabolic daily. Since he is a vet, I never questioned his methods. However, if I try to incorporate Feline's pride or some other reasonable substitute that will allow him to maintain good UT health from your suggestion, I won't know how much wet canned to give him to get him from 9.4kg down to 7-7.4kg safely. I realize that there is a safe way to get him to lose weight and I will have to play with him some more too. The problem with the playing is that he seems to want to dictate what the terms are for playing and when. A little advice would be nice.

Thanks for the Buprenex recommendation. Getting him off this Metacam junk causes me to lose sleep! Now, I live just east of Toronto Ont., and I need to know how to go about getting Buprenex and where and at what cost too.

Also, thanks for the Restoralax recommendation too. Again, where should I go about getting this product for my feline.


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