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Sometimes it's not about the vets being money hungry. Sometimes this is a way for the referral vets to make sure that a regular vet has evaluated the dog and has determined that an opthalmologist is the right person for the dog to see.

That said, I'm fortunate that here in the US a referral isn't needed. I'm taking my girl for an opth. checkup.

In this day and age of the corporate buyout of vet clinics, it is becoming more and more about profit. This is where we can hopefully make a statement by seeking out practices that are practicing the type of vet medicine that we expect - patient and client centered. This is something I've thought about, since the area where I live has nearly been completely bought out by a large corporation. I am systematically looking at all non-corporate practices to find the right one for us.

All of that aside....

Your dog is 11 years old. Some bloodwork would really be a good idea.

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