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Hi MaxaLisa, thank you very much for the warning.

Indeed, I found enormous number of articles explaining that vaccinations can be extremely dangerous and fatal, let alone the side effects.

My dog is almost 11 years old, start doing vaccinations now makes no sense.

He was given all required vaccinations as a puppy, and as this article ( says: The latest scientific research shows that after the first course of injections as a puppy most dogs are immune against these diseases for at least seven years, if not for life.

Especially for a senior dog that has developed working immune system.
I tend to believe that Profit-hungry drug companies and vets are 'frightening' dog owners into inoculating their pets more often than necessary, especially with Whombo combos, mumbo jumbos vaccines - combination vaccines that contain multiple modified live viruses mixed with various bacteria. Think of them as toxic soups, biochemical wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Here is also a good article about profit-hungry veterinarian clinics, that care not about your dog, but about their pockets:

Even the fact that I wanted to see an ophthalmologist - I cant book a visit with ophthalmologist directly, but I have to visit "MY" vet to give me a referral, for $70 ... Hmmm, actually it not "", but rather "(((((".
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