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Thank you marko, joane.

In fact we do have a vet, the one we went to when the dog was limping. We are indeed registered there, they opened a file, performed a standard first visit checkup. So, we do have a vet. When I called them and asked for a referral to an ophthalmologist, the secretary said - it's gonna be ~$70. From what I understand that was a price for a visit, to see a vet, so that she give us a referral. But the Dr. is not an ophthalmologist herself, ophthalmology services are not even listed on the clinic's website under "services". So, I wasn't sure what these $70 are for. Looks like I need to turn that visit into something more than just the eye problem. Just don't want to be overcharged for nothing or for services that are not needed. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who can recommend a vet, (some people who recommended me a vet, one visit was enough to grab my legs and run away from such a vet), so I've chosen a clinic not far from my location, based on high ratings reviews on Not sure though if these ratings can be truly trusted.
Thanks joane for making clear that even to get a referral is equivalent to a visit. marko said zero $$, so I was a little confused...

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