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Hi monstro,

Welcome to the forum,

Although there are plenty of cheats in this world, the going rate for professional service is set by market forces and geography. I agree that the cost for veterinary care in major cities is high and that the cost for specialists in many cases can be prohibitively high.

But unless I've read it wrong it sounds to me like you do not have a vet and imo, that should be step 1. Why do you not have a vet?

Your dog should see a vet yearly for shots and preventative care. That vet should come recommended hopefully from someone you trust. That's the key - recommended.

When you have a vet like that, the price for a referral is ZERO dollars because they have seen your pet, and can now accurately refer to a colleague.

When you have no vet, you need a referral. It's just that simple.
And when no vet knows who you are, now you need their time and you need to sit down with them to get a referral - it's normal that you pay for that time. Just like a lawyer isn't cheap, vets aren't cheap either.

Although I agree that 70. just to get that referral is high, honestly, in my opinion the best thing you can do is find a regular (recommended from someone you trust) vet for this dog and give the dog a general checkup.

I'd expect that general checkup to cost 65-110 bucks depending on where you live. I'd expect the referral to the opthamologist after the exam to cost zero dollars, members should feel to correct me if they feel that this fact is false.

When you deal with trusted, recommended professionals - you don't get greedy amateurs.

Hope that may help and good luck.
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