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Question Dog's eye check


My dog is 10 years old Russian spaniel. He is in a good health. However I would like to see an ophthalmologist to check his right eye. Looks like he might have developed something similar to anisocoria (his right pupil is bigger than the left one). I have been trying to find one for the last several days, but Google returns only some Animal eye clinic, that is too far from Thornhill where we live. And they need some referral. I called VEC (veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto), but the also need a referral. We haven't been to a vet for many years, there was no need, now, there is one place there we went a year ago, because the dog was limping a little (the limping went away by itself in 3 days), and now it seems that we need to go to the same vet clinic in order to get referral to go to see an ophthalmologist in VEC. "Our" vet clinic (we've only been there once) wants to change use $70 just to give a referral. omg, it's just a referral, not a surgery. And we would also have to pay to the ophthalmologist at VEC, or wherever they sent us.

Is this a common practice here to get to see a specialist?, Because to be honest, it's a robbery to charge $70 for just a referral, why cant I go directly to see the eye doctor, make an appointment myself? How do you find ophthalmologists in Toronto, except of googling on internet, can you suggest a good one who's professional and not so greedy?

I am ready to pay, but I need a professional and I need results, unfortunately there are to many greedy amateurs pretending to be vet specialists.

Thanks a lot.
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