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I'm back

Frustrated beyond and trying very hard not to give in to the kibble. It's a constant battle, one day some will eat straight raw, then I have to mix it with wet and now putting kibble on top or mixing in. I've found sprinkling dried cat nip on top works sometimes.

So how long is this going to take? I can't afford all the wet food I'm going through plus the raw plus grain free dry, it's costing more to feed them then us.

I'm afraid to make my own as they may not eat it and there goes 2lbs of meat down the tubes.

I guess I need some encouragement, like a 12 step program for kibble addicts. I want to be able to feed my cats a healthy diet that I can afford.

Will making my own save me the money I'm anticipating? With dry food it would be around $100 - $125 a month, wet would be around $300 a month, the commercial raw, would be around $300 a month as well. I have no idea how much the homemade raw would be for 5 cats and 2 kittens?

Does anyone have a figure on cost of homemade raw? I haven't checked into the local butchers yet, but if we assume the cost of store bought meats, in Ontario, Canada, what would the cost be per month?

On another note the BFF cat food was a mistake to buy, they are hooked on it very much and it's $1.80 for 5.5 oz. so unless you plan on feeding this all the time, I don't recommend getting it. I now have to transition them from BFF to cheaper wet to raw
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