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Many cats never learn to like the car. I had ONE that did and he would sit on the seat behind my head giving great joy to people passing in other cars. He sat there after ripping his way out of a cardboard box I had him in at first. I do NOT recommend travelling with the cat loose though. They can too easily get out on you and I've had them get under the brake pedal. Yikes, stop at peril of crushing the cat.

With a dog you would do short trips, feed him, make sure he gets out and has some fun. Cats won't as easily eat in the car, some, and to let them out you'd have to train them to leash walk. I've done that and Sam walked on leash very well but many won't.

You could try Rescue Remedy, DAP for cats ( I guess that would be CAP ) or I know some who have to mildly sedate the cat, requiring a visit to the Vet to start with. Good luck. Ear phones for you may help drown out the caterwauling.
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