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We don't want her running loose in the house because we were told in all the dog training books that it's better to crate your dog and because of this we wanted her to be crated.
Please explain WHY it's better. Hopefully all those books you read gave reasons. Blindly following advice you don't understand is scary.

That said, people have had dogs for years and not crated them. None of my dogs has been crated. However, I do not have destruction problems. Now destruction that wrecks your house and imperils your dog's life (electric shock, poison, obstruction) are good reasons to confine the dog when you are not home. Still, you don't have to crate her. Mine were penned or gated in the kitchen. We built sturdy gates on the two kitchen doors.

Please read the threads here on crate training if you must. Start slowly; crate, pen or gated room, you must start slowly. Don't put the dog in and leave her for hours cold turkey. Many people find a puppy does better at night crated in the bedroom with them, good on you for trying that. Also read the threads on separation anxiety. Poor old girl, she knows what it is to be abandoned or you wouldn't have her. Two weeks is a very short time. It may take her a year to settle in and trust that you are coming back for her.

Did you get her from a shelter? They should have told you what to expect and they should be offering help to make her transition to your house easier for your family and her. Good luck and thank you for taking her in. I'm afraid it's going to be more work than you anticipated but I hope this poor old girl is not abandoned again.
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