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Crating dog

Do you really expect a 10 year old dog that's never been crated to adapt to that kind of treatment? If you must, try crating her with the cage door open or put up gates so she can roam in a particular area. Why do you feel it's better to crate her?butherck Try
Originally Posted by it'spuppylove View Post
Good afternoon dog lovers,

So our family has finally adopted a lovely dog (and we've just passed our 2 week trial period ) unfortunately, she HATES being crated!

She's 10 years old and her previous owners never crated her but our family doesn't want her to roam free in the house because we believe it's better to crate her.

So here's the story:

When we first got her, we crated her on our main floor at night and let her out during the day (since there's always someone home) but she would constantly bark and whine and then when we went to get her out in the morning her cage mat would be covered in blood (but there were no cuts on her). We then decided that we'd let her sleep in her crate but move her up into our bedroom and she's been perfectly fine!

Until we put her in her cage this afternoon (for about 3 hours) and we came back and not only was her cage mat covered in blood but her paws were all cut up and her nails were worn down to the quick.

It seems like she has separation anxiety so now we're looking for some solutions to help her so she doesn't get hurt. I've come across the thundershirt that claims to help reduce anxiety but I've read mixed reviews about the success of this product.

Now here's the question I have:

Does anyone have any ideas how to help reduce her stress or any relevant stories that could help her?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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