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Advice for traveling with cat

How can I get my cat used to traveling in a cat carrier when we go places? We have a carrier, but the only time Ambre ever gets in it is when he goes to the vet, and that's a job getting him in there. (Cute story: Since he has claws in the back, he ripped a few holes in my shirt during one of his first attempts to get out of my arms when I tried to get him in his carrier, and I always joked afterward that "Padre Ambre made my shirt holey!")

Also, we took him to our cabin when he was younger, and he didn't like the trip. My aunt usually takes care of him when we go out, but she's going out of town as well, and we told her that this time we're taking Ambre with us. This will be the first time in a few years that we've taken him up north with us.

How can we make the transition from regular, familiar house to unfamiliar cabin smooth for him? We're hopeful that Ambre won't go outside, because he doesn't know the area. When we take him to the vet, I sit in the back with him, and I ask that the radio be on so I can sing to him to keep him calm. I used to take a little toy with me to the vet to show him, but I stopped doing that for some reason.
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