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Originally Posted by Great Pyrenees View Post
I have a Great Pyrenees that has been similarly diagnosed. A week ago we began herbal treatments with two teaspoons of Cota mixed with yogurt taken twice per day. Our dog is a working farm dog. There is a related study where Cota reduced tobacco induced tumors on earth worms. I am interested in any other herbal remedies.
I am so very sorry to hear this news

I do not know much about that specific cancer. I know that many of these cancers do respond to things like IP6 or curcumin.

There are about 3 posts in this thread here that talk about diet and misc supplements for cancer: This may or may not be helpful.

Of particular note, might be Sander's story there, who lived a very long time with a cancer in the jaw, though I believe it was a different type:

There are a few threads here that talk about different supplements, though it's a different type of cancer: (starting around 1/2013)

and here:

Please keep us posted....
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