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I live 17 miles from Goober, but I won't arrange anything just yet. My knee is getting worse so I should concentrate on getting what work I can done about this place. It'd not as if Roo is an only child that needs the socialising, what he needs is to learn to behave with the shelties. LOL. I've been thinking some instructors are power tripping a bit, which is a shame. I had a long chat to a more senior instructor and she knows I wasn't the only discontented member there. I think it shows in how often people are absent. I hadn't missed a class but others certainly do.
Said goodbye to the ram today and it's so nice to notice which ewes do look in lamb. Fortunately for me, my friend who loans us the rams is living temporarily over the road from us and agreed to come help after work if I can't manage any difficult lambings.
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