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Well, we quit Obedience today, I took him over but didn't train. Apart from having to finish soon due to the hospital stay and recuperation,I think he was too bored staying in the class he was in. Found out that the person who okays graduations into higher classes is away till (the end of ?) September. I was not waiting for his return. The one thing that is bound to annoy me happened too, I was standing talking to Goober's owner and another friend who has a GSD girl that Roo likes when one of the instructors walked by. She heard Goober growling and straight away turned and stared at me and told us to get those dogs apart.She didn't like it when I told her he was not growling at Roo, or that Goober's owner promptly backed me up, saying those two are friends. I thought she had a nerve, we weren't in class, we were socialising and little Goober was just intimidated by the GSD's size. I won't have Roo being treated like the big, bad cattle dog. Especially when he's innocent. LOL. Yes, I will miss the friends and their dogs, but hey, I had a 30 mile drive in there in pea soup fog this morning, so next Sunday, when instead I am snug in my cosy bed, then no, I doubt if I'll miss it.
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